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This'll Keep Them Busy! - 10 Fun Chapter Book Series for Kids

Check out these kids books series!

📕 The Enid Blyton books have been a hit with Mr 9; he’s enjoyed reading them over the years. The themes covered in these books include…

…adventure 🌊

…and mystery 🔍

🐻 📚 The Bear Grylls Adventures series has been a hit with both boys, from 6 and up. They are great for transitioning from picture books, and onto chapter books….

✔️ The font is fun.

✔️ The chapters are short.

✔️ The stories seem interesting (I read one as a read-aloud with them, and it was enjoyable!)

✔️ There are some pictures.

These books are a perfect and fun bridge into the world of chapter books.

🦖 📚 The Dinosaur Land series is great for the same reason as the Bear Grylls Adventures…

☑️ …a great bridge between picture books and chapter books.

☑️ There are pictures in this book too, and the chapters are on the shorter side.

Mr 9 loved them a few years back and they really took off his reading journey.

🌎 📕 The Planet Omar books

😂 …get plenty of laughs

✍🏽 …have fun fonts and pictures throughout

🤩…and the stories are really engaging for the boys.

Mr 9 has read them for a few years and will share funny lines with me from the book (still remember some of the lines he’s shared with me).

☪️ I love that these books centre a Muslim family.

The author, Zanib Mian, is captivating and hilarious in her writing.

📦 🚗 📚 And finally, Gertrude Chandler Warner’s Boxcar children.

We read book 1 as a read aloud and then my elder son read the next few collections on his Kindle.

In this series…

▪️ The first 16 books are available on kindle and the rest are available in paperback for now.

▪️There are about 150 sequels; but, as far as I’m aware, Gertrude wrote only the first 19 and the rest were ghostwritten.

I intend to purchase the whole set now inshaAllah.

❓ I’d love to know: what series of books have your children loved? Please consider dropping the titles in the comments…I would love to check them out! ❤️

Also, on the topic of books…If you’d like a free PDF of brilliant parenting and home education books and resources, click here and sign up for email updates 📧 I’d love to pop it over to you 🤍

And, as always, remember as you parent, that it's not practice makes perfect, it's practice makes progress ❤️

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