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This Is How To Do Good - A Gentle Reminder.

Have an idea to do good? Write it down. Make a plan. Seek clarity and guidance through du'a and istikhaarah. Pay attention to your intention. Tap into your intuition. Execute. Address any uncertainties/unforeseen circumstances through clear thinking, du'a, tweaking plans, and if needed, seeking wise counsel. Continue. Complete. Realise that your completion, or journey, may not be as you had envisioned. Realise that there will be obstacles and tests. Experience them. Live them. Feel them. Express gratitude for them. Take the lessons. This is where growth lies: in the journey. Express gratitude upon completion. Ask Allah to accept. Ask for forgiveness for any mistakes and shortcomings. Repeat 😊

And remember as you do life, that it's not practice makes perfect, it's practice makes progress ❤️
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