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Struggling With Consistency? Try These Small Strategy Tweaks.

"Take small steps towards what you want regularly, coupled with du'a. A little bit regularly will add up to a lot" - Warda A. AbduRahman.

...and 'regularly' may not mean daily.

Because daily, for whatever reason, may not be working for you right now.

So instead of getting stuck on 'daily' in order to be consistent, you could choose to redefine consistent to a regular interval that works for you (that's one of the tweaks!)

Take writing, for example.

If you want to write regularly, you could write for 10 mins every other day, for instance. More would be a bonus...

Writing every other day would mean you wrote for around half of the month...

Moreover, when we start, oftentimes, we will do more, but the little time commitment can be a strategy to lessen initial resistance (another tweak!)

To get in the game 💯

Once you get going, resistance often lessens...and if it doesn't, you only committed to 10 mins anyway 😉

It may be helpful to ask yourself:

What would I like commit to regularly?

At what interval (daily, twice a week, weekly?) could I do it with my life context in mind?


And for how long will I do it each time as a bare minimum? (5 mins of writing everyday?)

Remember, a little bit regularly adds up to a lot.

And remember, as you build habits, that it's not practice makes perfect, it's practice makes progress ❤️
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