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Make The Win Doing The Thing - How to Get Started at a New Skill.

When you do something for the first time, don't count it as a failure if it didn't go uber 'well'. Make the win doing the thing, even if you feel it doesn't go so well.


🎤 Public speaking for the first time (or virtual public speaking aka FB or instagram live 🙃).

🇮🇹 Practising speaking a new language that you've been learning.

☪️ Reciting the Qur'an after just learning to read it.

Any new skill you're about to try the first time, make showing up the win, not how it goes...

Don't give up because it 'didn't go well'; it went exactly how it was supposed to first time 'cos you did it!

It was something new and so it was likely scary or nerves-inducing.

I like comparing this to driving a car ...🚘

🚙 ...Can you imagine if we showed up at our first driving lesson and then 'cos we couldn't drive proficiently and just 'know' how to drive at the end of the lesson, we decided it went badly and didn't do it again?

Nope...doing the first lesson was a WIN 👏🏽

And it was the beginning/first time on a JOURNEY of a new skill we’re learning…we get that this first lesson was a foundation - and a great start - to a skill we’re going to practice and get better at.

If that little voice pipes up and says...“that wasn’t great” after you try something for the first time...😔

....get bold and say back to it: “Why would it be great? It was my FIRST time!” 🙄😂🙃

So go ahead and try something…

👏🏽 Make showing up the win...

✊🏽 Pat yourself on the back, irrespective of how it goes!

🤲🏽 Say alhamdulillah

🙌🏽 You did it!

Only after that, can we begin to build and think of ways to improve (and this is how we get good at stuff; through practice).

But first we must begin.

And honour the beginning - despite the discomfort.

The fact that you were uncomfortable doesn’t mean you failed.

💪🏽 It means you felt the fear and did it anyway...and there’s a word for people who do that...

We call them BRAVE ❤️

And remember, as you try new things, that it's not practice makes perfect, it's practice makes progress ❤️
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