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Do This To Sidestep Power Struggles With Younger Kids (It's More Fun This Way, Too!)

"Let's zoom!" 🚀

🚽 Instead of “go to the potty”, what about “wanna hop or walk backwards to the potty?”

🚗 Instead of “let’s get your car seat on”, how about “this rocket is going to blast off into the road; this is your driver, seat belts on, please”

🛏 Instead of “time for bed”, what about “vroom vroom, it’s the bedtime bus, zoom to bed with me for stories and fun!”

🦷 Instead of resistance at teeth brushing time, what about making up a little rhyme whilst those smiles are brushed?

When mine were 2 and 4, we made up this rhyme when we did teeth brushing:

“Green blue, green blue

Yahya’s two, Yahya’s two

Yusha’s four, yusha’ s four

That’s the score, that’s the score!”

(I’ve changed my kids’ real names in this!)

We’d sing this often at teeth brushing time.

✨Playfulness is especially helpful when you know your child doesn’t like to do a specific thing, like brushing teeth.

🍴 It can also be helpful for reminders of habits we’re helping them build, like taking putting their plates and cups away they eat...

🍽 The plate can talk and say “after you eat on me, please put me in the sink” in a funny voice!

🧸 Sometimes, I get my kids’ favourite soft toys to ‘tell’ my kids stuff, like:

🦖 “Roary, can you tell Yahya to keep it keep it down a little bit? Thanks!”

🦖 My son would then put on Roary the dinosaur’s voice and then remind himself to keep it down a bit.

Memo delivered and potential icky feels sidestepped in this instance. Ker-ching! 🙌🏽

🧰 Please think of using play at transitions or at potential tension points in the day as a tool in your toolkit.

🛑 Not a have to, or must do (or something to feel bad about ‘cos we don’t or can’t! #WeAintAboutThatLife 😉)

Just a little ‘I could try this’ tool in your parenting repertoire ✨

I know I don’t do it all the time...

You can enjoy it as a playful tool, though...(I do!)

And when you’re up to it, it can inject a bit of lightheartedness, fun and connection into your day and routine with your littles.

And remember, as you parent, that it’s not practice makes perfect, it’s practice makes progress ❤️🧸

Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto.

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