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"Allah Always Provides For Us" - Connecting Kids To Allah's Names And Attributes.

“Allah always provides for us.”

This picture was taken today.

We got given free ice-cream by a lovely waitress, mashaAllah (we got talking as we both wondered if the other was Somali through our face masks!)

About 10 mins before that, favourite 6 year old asked me if we could have ice cream - and I said that we could on another day.

And so when the kind waitress, without hearing my son, sent complimentary ice-creams as we worked through our homeschool workbooks, we spoke and marvelled over Ar-Razzaq (well, I marvelled lol…actually, and sweet 6 year old did…heard him telling hubby that a ‘miracle’ happened when we got home lol).

We can connect children to Allah’s names and attributes and Who He is through their everyday experiences...

In the hopes that...

✨ It allows them to see the world through the lens of husn adh dhann (expecting good from Allah)...

✨ That it allows them to know that Allah is in control of it all…

✨ And that it connects them with the idea that they are deeply held by The Most High always.

✨...That life and their experiences are not random…and that the One who knows of every leaf that falls, intimately interacts with them and their lives, too.


(Written late 2021.)

And remember as you parent, that it's not practice makes perfect, it's practice makes progress ❤️
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