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5 Great Kids Books - 5 Chapter Books We Enjoyed Over The Lockdown Period.

My kids are 6 and 8 and these are the books we’ve enjoyed - as part of our homeschool routine - during the lockdown period (in 2020).

1️⃣ The Ickabog - JK Rowling

2️⃣ The One and Only Ivan - Katherine Applegate

3️⃣ Charlotte’s Webb - E.B. White

4️⃣ Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

5️⃣ The One and Only Bob - Katherine Applegate (sequel to book #2 on this list)

Okay, so 5 wasn’t my favourite, but the kids got into it so we had a good experience reading it, alhamdulillah.

1 is my personal favourite (I stayed up after the kids’ bedtime - with a cuppa! - to finish it, so I could find out what happens!)

1 and 2 are the kids’ favourites, I would guess (they’re asleep now so can’t confirm but pretty much, dead cert.)

And for books 2 and 3, we watched the movie after reading the book (LOVED the movie for 2; a heart warmer, wholesome and family friendly).

Which kids books have you enjoyed? I'd love to know <3

In the meantime...happy reading, Mama ❤️

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[Written in 2021]

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